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Jhin - Four shades of colors

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Date d'inscription : 2018-04-19
Sat 21 Apr - 0:51
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« Sometimes, silence is loud. »

۞ NAME : Jhin
۞ NICKNAME: I don't think I have one.
۞ AGE : 18
۞ SEX : Male.
۞ RACE : Human
۞ STATUS: Student
۞ RANK : ///
۞ HOUSE : Dragon

۞ GROUP  : Student
۞ DOUBLE ACCOUNT ? Yup. ( Jinx )


Jhin loves everytypes of arts, cookery, theater, paintings... everything. He specially find that beauty is in death. That death is the most beautiful moment in arts. Seems creepy, but Jhin is a nice guy. He is a bit shy when you first meet him, but then, he'll enjoy spending time with you. Sometimes, his friends can find him a bit crazy/weird, however, Jhin is someone really open minded he would be happy to help you if you have any types of problems in your personnal life. He also works hard whenever it's about arts, and make sure to be really involved in class.
Jhin really likes taking pictures everywhere. With his phone or camera, he takes pictures of different places and keep it for him.

( Like any type of arts, wise, friendly, nice, a bit weird, rlly likes the number 4)


Jhin lives a normal life. He isn't really rich nor poor. When he was kid, he enjoyed drawing a lot. His parents gifted him some paintings tools and a camera to take pictures, they were supporting Jhin we he told them he wanted to be an artist.

(Histoire simple. Wow école d'art pas trop loin, wow trop bien wow la chance wow pensionnat réputé wow été accepté wow wow tro bi1 étudie maitenant et a entendu parlé des animals crossing (mdr (parenthèse dans une parenthèse (on ferme 4 fois))))

۞ IN GAME NAME : Kotaro Mathis
۞ AGE : 15
۞ SOMETHING TO ADD ? Hey. I'm Jhinx.
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