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Jinx - They actually need me, too bad~

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Bronzie God
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Bronzie God
Fri 20 Apr - 20:10
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« And, since when are we friends? »

۞ NAME : Jinx
۞ NICKNAME: SuperMegaDeathShark77 on the internet, but if you want to give a cute nickname to Jinx, feel free! (Who knows how she will react.)
۞ AGE : 17
۞ SEX : Female
۞ RACE : Human
۞ STATUS: Student
۞ RANK : Godsu?
۞ HOUSE : Poro
۞ GROUP  : Star Guardian
۞ DOUBLE ACCOUNT ? Jinx is the first account.


Jinx enjoys screaming, running and talking loudly. She is someone really honnest, she may hurt you by telling what she will describe as « Facts. ». She is someone who gets jealous easily. Jinx is often talking in a vulgar way, the lil' punk doesn't care. When Jinx starts liking you, she won't show it since she was probably cold/rude/mean to you when you first met. She gets angry easily aswell.


Jinx is a pure thug. She isn't respectful, she doesn't care about others opinions, she is herself. She find punk/anarchist stuffs cool and she enjoys spending time outside, doing tags alone. People are often scared just by seeing her, she looks crazy, she is insane, and she has that blue punk hair, the type of person you don't really want to spend time with. Everything goes fine for her anyway. Even if she doesn't have much friends, who really cares! Jinx is living a happy life, everything is fine in the best of the world. It's never boring when you get chased by the police around 1AM with dog screamings. Her parents doesn't really care about what she does, so she does trashy stuffs.

One day, - Like everydays - Jinx was walking outside. It was kinda late (Not for Jinx), around 10:PM in the city. Jinx saw a shadow. By looking at it again, it was Lux. Lux, the cute girl in her classroom. Everyone seems to like her. She seems so incredible, she is so cute and cool. Woaw. Jinx felt a bit bad seeing her, but what was she doing her? That wasn't her main thoughts anyway. Jinx was jaleous. She never tasted real friendship. Everyone just, runs when they see her. She is too weird for them. But well "who cares?" The truth is that, Jinx cares a lot. She is actually sad to be alone and to not talk to anyone but her. That's maybe why people think she is crazy, she talks a lot with herself. It's amazing to see that one person can destroy a mood so easily without even talking. Jinx felt anger against Lux, for actually no reasons. There were many reasons for Jinx but well, no one will ever know the reasons. No one will ever ask her what's the reasons since no one actually talk to her nor care anyway.
Suddenly, a bright light came from the stars in the sky, it touched Jinx and entered in her. She heard a voice in her head. The voice is named the first star. She told Jinx that the little punk girl has been chosed to become a Star guardian and she now have to fight the void. Jinx didn't really understand. She probably thought something like this:

Wait a minute, uh, no? Lol? Does this trashy voice told me that I'll become a space fighter or something like this. Okay I swear i'll stop smoking. Mom was right, smoking really makes you feel weird. Anyway where is this girl? Lux?

By looking at Lux, I saw that her body started shinning. Uh? Mine aswell?! My clothes suddenly vanished - How lewd -, my body started shinning. In less than 3 seconds, I transformed myself into what it called "Star guardian". Lux aswell. Is it actually true? Am I a moon fighter now? Is Lux also one too? Why I, Jinx Fishbones, has been chosed? Why not a popular girl or just someone important? Do I have powers? So many questions I had in my mind, I approched Lux and asked her what should we do now. She answered something like "Wow let's keep it secret hahahahaha kawaii desu ne~ magical desu!!" Classical lux yeah the annoying girl who seems shy and have no reasons I really hate her, why do people even like her.
Anyway. Lux left the place. I didn't really know what to do, so I decided to try the magical powers. I wanted to jump really high and fly away. Before even starting to try out my powers, I saw two little balls, these are actually really cute. One of them is black and the other white. I instantly guessed that they were some sort of magical sailor moon animal. And I was actually right. They're even named Kuro and Shiro. How cringe. But I liked them. I supposed that I was linked to them anyway. I watched them, and my first reaction was to say « ...Hello? » and, they actually answered. They told me Hi, and explained stuffs about my powers. I can shot lasers with my finger, use Shiro as a mini-stargun and Kuro as a starocket-deathweapon. It actually became interesting right there. And of course I can mother fucking fly.
My first reflex was to jump and fly. I reached the clouds. I threw some random missiles and rocket to draw in the clouds. I wrote "Get Jinxed", AMAZING. I can use my powers to fking fly holy shit that's so fucking insane.

Time passed, and I forgot that my main task was to destroy the void bitches. Lux created a crew that she called "Burning Bright". We all met together in the same place. There was, Lulu, Janna, Poppy and obviously, Lux and me. She told us that we had to now protect the city from the monsters that would come. Aaaaaaand then, we argued because I didn't want to fight void rapists. I decided to just left this place. I never asked to be part of this shitty crew. Lux is fuckin' cringe. After flying a bit, I decided to take a break on the roof of a random house.
Suddenly, my heart started to beat harder. It hurted me so hard. I screamed, a lot. I heard a voice telling me to go back to the fight. I recognized it: It was the first star. After few minutes the pain was finally gone. I decided to fly away again, until I saw, Lux and the other - Burning Bright, since we need to call them by their name - being attacked. It was the rapists. I mean the void monsters. They were surrounding the crew. I had to do something to help them.
« They actually need me. »
I started throwing bombs at the monsters.

After few minutes, who felt like hours, we finished fighting. That's how I joined Burning Bright. I ended up being friend with Lux and the others. They aren't really bad people, I guess. Even if they are retards sometimes. I enjoy blowing up monsters aswell, it's funny.

۞ IN GAME NAME : Kotaro Mathis
۞ AGE : 15
۞ SOMETHING TO ADD ? Hey! I'm Jinx, i'm an admin. exde.
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