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The three houses and the mana system

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Sun 11 Jun - 12:27
A magical shield protects the school from some magical attacks. However, the shield isn't strong enough against the power of the Void monsters.

The headmaster of the school created some weird system to get magical powers. Every student can join a "house". There are three houses, Poro, Nashor and Dragon. Every 3 months, the house who collected the most of magical power gets gifts and money.
Where does magical power come from ? It comes from hapiness of course ! Participating in the school's life, making parties and events, contests etc, makes people happy. Happy students equals magical power !
If you want to get these gifts, you'd better do stuff for the school !

« Hey Guest, did you know, killing the void monsters also grants magical powers which maintains the shield's power ! »

Mana states

A huge cristal decorates the Academy's hall. This cristal contains all the magical power.

How to see the current mana state ?:

Mana states:

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The three houses and the mana system Vm1v
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