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Ahri's Diary ×× Do not touch /!\

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Date d'inscription : 2017-02-08
Age : 20
Localisation : The gym, training ! Nah joking. Just eating ice cream sundae.
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Sun 21 May - 23:21
Ahrisalty ● attention seeker  ● heart-breaker ● perverted ● charismatic

18 year old

« Did you ever fell in love ? »
In a few words
Ahri. The charismatic and popular girl of the school.
Unfinished... ft. ...
titre ft. ...

FinishedUnexperimented Stars ft. Jinx and Lux
Let's talk about private stuff ft. Jinx  

17 year old
Star GuardianClassmate

A rebel without a cause. She's a bit retarded but she's kinda funny.

17 year old
Star GuardianClassmate

Before you judge, remember... I am your future. She's just an unexperimented kid. And she's also too stupid to listen to people who could help her. Being a good girl can get you killed. Oh and, we're not sisters. Just strangers with memories.

16 year old
Star GuardianClassmate

She's another star guardian. She's kinda nice and she listens. Nothing more to add about her.



" I'm going to kill you. That's what the fox says in #FAB8A7. "

Ahri's Diary ×× Do not touch  /!\ Vm1v
« Falling in love. That's how a star falls. »
IGN : Queen Makoto

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