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Fri 20 Apr - 19:16
Welcome in League Academy! A disscusion and RP forum about League of legends.
Well if you're here, it's to read the rules. Let's just start. There will be 3 parts, The Rules in general, the Discussion part, and the RP part.

Our forum is mainly a discussion and RP forum. You can use it to make in game meetings or create some contests on league. No problems if you don't want to take part into the RP.
It means that the forum is divided in two categories, a RP one and a Discussion one (But you can of course, be involved in the two parts). If you're going to participate in RP with a precise character, you need to take the name of this one during the creation of your account (For instance, I play Jinx, my username is Jinx.) If you're not going to RP, then there is no restrictions with your nickname, just, don't take the name of a champion.
In order to RP, you have to do a character sheet and an avatar. The avatar size will be 200*400, and for your signature, we recommend a size of 400*200, but you can do what you want as long as it doesn't deform the forum. By the way, don't put NSFW pictures, there is kids here. Then, to finish with the first part, you can use HTML code for your messages, as long as it doesn't deform the forum (again) and the colors aren't too bright for our eyes. (#Lux) Also, we know that english is (maybe) not your mother language, so it's okay if you do mistakes, as long as it's not hardcore (beut? wouat? guive mi ane éxenple, aie donte understende!!!!?????!!!?!!!)


The rules of the discussion part. You can talk about whatever you want, even your +18 fetishs as long as you prevent in the title. (+18 !! Beware! for example). Like we wrote before, you can organize small events on LoL like, 5v5 for example.
Bullying, or insulting people here is forbidden. You can be banned if you do so. Same with homophobia, and everything like this. And, about respect, plagiarism/stealing content is also forbidden. Don't do the Shaco here.
When you play a game of League with another member, the forum's rules aren't present. However, if you find this member extremely toxic, we recommend you to black list him.
Let's end with the RP part now.

- RP -
RP's Rules! First of all there is a code in the rules that you need to find and write in your character sheet to be accepted. You can own many accounts but tell to the staff before creating a another account. Now, the fights. If you have to do fights, your charater musn't be broken (Camille when she came out for example). Some people forget this important rule. We'll ask you to write at least... one line. Yeah, one. We think that we don't have to write novels to do a cool RP. But leave enough stuffs in your message for your partner to answer. If in 60 lines, your charater just blink his/her eyes, your partner won't be able to do anything to "answer".
The +18 RPs are allowed! Yeah! Yaoi/Yuri/Hentai is allowed here as long as, once again, you write in the title that your RP will be... "hot".
About links between your characters. You can do what you want, even creating a total random ship like Jhin x Rakan for instance. As long as you're both okay, it's good. Then, your character can involved in a love relationship with many characters, but if you get caught cheating on your boy/girl-friend, you're the one who will have problems, not us. But please, don't do illegal stuffs like incest, pedophilia or rape. We are crazy but not criminals. At least do it in DM... but pls, don't.
And, about family links, ask the staff before creating some. We can accept "Ahri is Rakan's sister", "Teemo is ziggs' cousin", but we won't accept "Xayah is Lulu's daughter" or "Morgana is Tahm kench's sister". But if you really want to do so, just tell good arguments, we are flexible enough (unlike solo/duo queue exde)

Thanks you for reading the Rules! And have fun in League Academy!

Rules League Academy 1524845052-p1zq

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